Blue Amber

Blue amber

As our brand name will reveal, we started our activities with Dominican Blue Amber of AAA top quality, one of the rarest gems in the world, of higher value than gold and rarer than diamonds. In the sixties and seventies of the last century, when blue amber was discovered, it was only a collector’s item known to a selected few. This is has not changed much because there is so little of it.

As a result, AAA Blue Amber is a very exclusive material and a precious gem for high-end applications. We have been in the Amber business since beginning of the Century and were the ones who promoted Dominican blue amber world wide. Although lately a kind of blue amber has been found also in Asian countries like Indonesia, still Asian and Far East customers cherish the Dominican top quality as the most precious material. In the US and Europe only high-end jewelers use it in their designs. See more Blue Amber Information here.

Blue Amber Our company Ambarazul, LLC is registered in the USA, with an office in the Dominican Republic.

Obviously, there is not only AAA quality, to the contrary. Most of the blue amber found is regular quality. We offer you rough (raw) blue amber, from ultra-blue to the sky-blue. A fact that is important to know:  Dominican Blue Amber is NATURAL AMBER, without enhancement in any way.

By reliable craftsmen and jewelers, we have produced cut and polished amber pieces like cabochons and beads, and  jewelry on demand. Much information, and a catalog you will find on our web site Blue Amber Jewelry.

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We carefully select each item in order to supply the proper quality for you. You can’t have a better partner in this business. Read more about us here.

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International Colored Gemstone Association ICA
International Colored Gemstone Association ICA