Gems & Art

cropped-Blue-Amber-Ring_diamonds5.jpgThe important stone or center stone may be the rare Blue Amber. But in our endeavor to provide gemstones and jewelry for our wholesale customers, we also handle other Fine Jewels & Gemstop quality gem stones like best emeralds or fancy diamonds as an option for investment with much portability. Aware that only quality stones like best emeralds or best diamonds guarantee your investment, we only work with reliable sources and direct sellers or their mandates. Our contacts are located in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, South Africa, Indonesia, Dubai – just to mention a few.

Fancy yellow diamondSome of our customers also invest in fine art, therefore we also carry Fine Paintings & Art in our offers. In days like these, when the stock market fluctuates wildly, the wealth of art billionaires has been increasing considerably at a very fast rate. A great deal of transactions are strictly private, which we respect and handle well.

Kandinsky SignatureBut just like it is with diamonds, smart investors only invest in the best because they know that only the best will always keep its value or yield a higher return. Therefore, we offer the art by internationally recognized artists, all are equipped with best documents: original paintings and sculptures by Malevich, Pirosmani, Canaletto, Chagall, Kandinski and Gudiashvili, Botero, Modigliani or Brancusi without any doubt in behalf of authenticity and provenance.

At public auctions you may get a glimpse of the prices, but most of the time the buyers and sellers remain anonymous.

Consult our web site Fine Paintings & Art in case of interest.