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Blue amber ring with diamonds

Blue Amber Ring

Dominican amber comes naturally in different colors like yellow, brown, clear honey, red, green and the famous blue which gave the

We wholesale premium quality Blue amber gemstones as beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing. Our carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

True Blue Amber beads, pendants and cabochons are made from rough blue amber, 100% unique, handmade from 100% Natural Dominican Amber without additives or addition treatment.  We also work with our wholesale customers in the creation of custom designs. Some of our customers also require other kind of gem stones for their designs, like diamonds or others, which we are able to provide from national and international sources.

Unfortunately, the export of rough Dominican amber has been banned in October 2016, but “Caribbean Amber” is a beautiful solution for jewelry, beads or any other application. “Caribbean Amber” is enhanced Copal to get the same hardness and resemblance. The methods used are similar to the ones applied to much of the Baltic amber. Read more about it here: Natural Amber

We can make your custom design or sell from our standard collection. Please look at the selection of rings we offer in Blue Caribbean Amber.

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