Ambarazul, LLC

Our company is registered in Delaware, USA, but we are operating from the Caribbean. As you will deduct from our brand name, we started our business with Dominican Blue Amber, a gem, much rarer then diamonds and more expensive than gold.

Meanwhile, the division “Fine Jewels & Gems” sources gems and jewelry, located internationally, with manufacturers and dealers or private owners.

The division “Fine Paintings & Art” discovers and offers interesting objects of art from private owners from all over the world for your investment.

Our division “International Trade Point” also services suppliers and buyers of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods as well as private investors.

The members and associates of Ambarazul, LLC all have long-time experience in service and human relations. Our team consists of talented, committed, loyal professionals and industry partners who share our client-focused vision. The company’s founder is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of international business experience.

Ambarazul Customers

Our constant goal is to be an important source of advice and assistance to our clients with a personal touch and individual interest. Read the testimonials given by many of our customers.

Gems and Jewels Catalog

The jewels and gems in this catalog are not only in our own stock. Some are located internationally, with manufacturers and dealers or private owners and offered in their behalf. For detailed information like prices, location, certificates, payment and delivery terms please contact us.

This catalog will take you to our parallel Instagram account.

Paintings Catalog