Caribbean Amber

Natural and Enhanced “Caribbean Amber”

We provide the REAL, Caribbean Amber. It is natural old amber, found in the Dominican Republic. This real and natural Caribbean amber, with an age of between 20 and 40 million years, comes in many natural colors. You will find the regular amber, honey and brown but also green, purple, eggplant, teal etc. and the most rare sky BLUE. And – this is VERY important – in contrast to the Baltic amber, it is never treated, never “enhanced”, just natural amber as it comes from the mines.

Because there is not much publicity, people who have not bought it on a visit to the island, may not even know about it. Seems that the “new world” still needs to be discovered. We are your direct source as we are located in the Dominican Republic. We offer you the original old Caribbean amber.

But, on the world market your will find a product that is called “Caribbean Amber” which comes in greenish tones, but also in amber, white, yellow and cream. What is it?

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Caribbean Blue

Blue Amber Export Dominican Republic

We export all kinds of natural Dominican amber to Asia, America, Middle East and Europe. Our specialty is the blue. Up to this day many people do not believe in the existence of “BLUE” amber.

Why have only a few heard about natural Blue Amber from the Dominican Republic?

Very simple: There is extremely little of it and in its AAA quality it is more rare (and sometimes more expensive) than gold and diamonds.  Even when the mining and sale of Dominican amber began in the sixties and seventies of the last century, for a long time BLUE Amber was only a Collector’s item known to a selected few.  As a result, AAA Blue Amber is very exclusive material for precious gems.

But we also have less-expensive beautiful blue amber for all kinds of applications at the wholesale and retail level, depending on quantity, quality and size.​

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Caribbean Service

The Supportive Caribbean

We source suppliers and buyers of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods as well as service for our clients in the world-wide marketplace. Being active in international business for 40 years, and as members of several business networking communities, we accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and resources. We offer and establish contacts for investment and collector’s goods, like antique and contemporary art, super cars, one-of-kind jewelry or properties as well as financial service. Our goal is constantly be an important source of advice and assistance to our clients with a personal touch and individual interest.

In order to achieve this goal, we work closely with each client providing a level of expertise that allows us to become virtual partners in every undertaken venture.

Find more information and products we source for our customers at International Trade Point.

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