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Ambarazul LLC’s main activity is the promotion of gem stones and jewelry from the Dominican Republic and Colombia. Besides these, the division “Fine Paintings & Art” discovers and offers interesting objects of art from private owners from all over the world for your investment. The division “Fine Jewels & Gems” sources gems and jewelry, located internationally, with manufacturers and dealers or private owners in places like Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Bombay, New York, Cape Town, Hong Kong, New York, Bogota, Taipei, Dubai, Montreal, Singapore, Riyadh, Sri Lanka, Sidney etc.

The members and associates of Ambarazul, LLC all have long-time experience in service and human relations. Our team consists of talented, committed, loyal professionals and industry partners who share our client-focused vision. The company’s founder is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of international business experience. This has been the cornerstone of the Company’s growth development.

Ambarazul Team
The Ambarazul Team
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Therefore, being active in international business for many years, and as members of several business networking communities, we accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and resources. Our division “International Trade Point” also sources suppliers and buyers of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods as well as service for our clients in the world-wide marketplace.

Reliable service is one of the most difficult commodities to get. And yet, this is what we offer: fastest possible response time, the best support available in communication and information and of course the best product. We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to meeting their highest standards. Our ever-changing technological environment demands the delivery of the highest levels of quality service in a very short timeframe. Our goal is absolute client satisfaction.
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Our goal is constantly be an important source of advice and assistance to our clients with a personal touch and individual interest. Read the testimonials told by many of our customers.

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