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50 years of experience

Ambarazul, LLC was established in Delaware, USA in 2007. The administration office is in the Dominican Republic.

Since the beginning, our organization has expanded its offerings and capabilities to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our international clients. Our team and collaborators consist of highly skilled, dedicated, and multilingual individuals who are committed to delivering exceptional results.

The company’s members have a long history of consulting and establishing business contacts, dating back to 1985 when they began as “Contactos Trading GmbH” in Munich, Germany and were European representatives and agents of the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade.

Our aim is to provide valuable assistance to individuals, private investors, and family offices in the realms of art, real estate investment, and business facilitation. We convey specific offers, but also help to find the right suppliers or clients that meet your needs.

Delaware, USA
Caribbean Office
Qatari Client

  • Enhanced expertise and resources: We have added various lines and activities to our portfolio, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and a vast network of contacts and resources acquired over the years.
  • Talented and diverse team: Our team is composed of individuals who possess a range of skills, including language proficiency and cross-cultural expertise, allowing us to cater to the unique needs of our clients.
  • Strong reputation: Our commitment to professionalism and excellence has earned us a solid reputation among our long-time customers, who continue to trust and recommend our services.