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Cosón, Las Terrenas, Samaná
Wassily Kandinsky – The Rider with Landscape
Samana Las Terrenas Dominican Republic
Cap Cana Marina
Roberto Fabelo (b. 1950), Rinocerontes románticos |
Drink at the pool
Cosón, Las Terrenas, Samaná
Las Terrenas
Kazimir Malevich At the Boulevards
Capa Cana Marina
Rinocerontes Romántico
El mar en tu mente
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Fine Art & Exclusive Real Estate

Discover a diverse array of exquisite fine art pieces available for private acquisition directly from passionate collectors, alongside a curated collection of luxurious Caribbean real estate offerings.

Condominios Punta Cana
Kazimir Malevich - two figures - two peasant women
Kazimir Malevich – Two figures 1929-1930

Roberto fabelo Viaje Fantastico Gallo Negro

Fine Art
In our role as mandates, we function as dedicated representatives for discerning private owners and esteemed art dealers. Through this pivotal role, we provide unparalleled access to an expansive collection comprising over 2000 fine original artworks. Our carefully curated portfolio showcases an array of masterpieces crafted by distinguished European, American, Cuban, and Russian artists as an exceptional range of artistic expressions.

Dominican Real Estate
The Caribbean, renowned for its allure as a premier tourist destination, emerges as an exceptionally favorable terrain for astute real estate investment. Particularly strategic acquisitions in well-established tourist hotspots promise not only substantial and consistent rental income and potential for heightened returns. This investment landscape aligns seamlessly with the region’s enduring charm and dynamic economic trends, positioning real estate ventures in the Caribbean as a prudent choice.