Ambarazul, LLC

Our company Ambarazul, LLC is registered in the USA, with the operating office in the Dominican Republic. As our brand name will reveal, we started our activities with Dominican Blue Amber of AAA top quality, one of the rarest gems in the world, of higher value than gold and rarer than diamonds. In the sixties and seventies of the last century, when blue amber was discovered, it was only a collector’s item known to a selected few. For top quality blue Dominican amber, this is has not changed much because there is so little of it.

No doubt, the foundation stone of our business was the rare Blue Amber. Meanwhile we also handle other Fine Jewels & Gems as an investment option with much portability. Being aware that only top quality stones guarantee your investment, we only work with reliable sources and direct sellers or their mandates.

In days like these, when stock markets fluctuates wildly and is not to be trusted, some of our customers also invest in Fine Paintings & Art and need Consultancy Services.  We offer works from recognized artists, all equipped with best documents for authenticity and provenance.

Reliable service is one of the most difficult commodities to get.

And yet, this is what we offer: fastest possible response time, the best support available with trustworthy information and of course the best product. A great deal of transactions are strictly private, which we respect and handle well. We understand the needs and confidentiality of our clients and are committed to meeting their highest standards.

Ambarazul Team
The Ambarazul Team
Happy to serve you.

Ambarazul, LLC stands for

  • Blue Amber and other gems, export and trade
  • Interesting objects of art from all over the world and
  • Consultancy Service