About Ambarazul, LLC

Dominican Blue Amber Beads
Dominican Blue Amber Beads – AAA Quality

Our company Ambarazul, LLC is registered in Delaware, USA, and has an operational office in the Dominican Republic. Our name is based on one of the rarest gems in the world, Dominican Blue Amber; the top quality of higher value than gold and much rarer than diamonds.

Our activities as business consultants reach far back. Our global trading and consultancy services operation started in 1985 in Munich, Germany as “Contactos Trading GmbH” with a sister operation in Poznan, Poland as “PPH Contactos Sp z o.o.”. In the beginning we concentrated mainly on electronic products and components, cars, petrol, chemical and domestic products, as well as highly specialized products like pilot training devices. We then were representatives of the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade.

Since those days we have added all kinds of lines and activities using a wealth of expertise and a vast network of contacts accumulated over the years, as well as resources to suit the needs and requirements of our clients, both in the Caribbean and internationally.

Founder Our team is talented, committed, multi-lingual and loyal and our industry partners share our client-focused vision. The company’s founder is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of international business experience. Member of the International Broker, Seller, Buyer Mandate, Commodity Group and of the International Trade 2.0 – Import & Export Group.

Our ever-changing technological environment demands the delivery of the highest levels of quality service in a very short timeframe. This is what we offer.  All transactions are based on the highest integrity. We are mostly acting with the sellers directly, and therefore can respond quickly to requests from prospective buyers. We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to meeting their highest standards. Our service is individual, customer oriented, discrete and spiced with a Caribbean flair.