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Roberto Fabelo – Auction Results

In order to know the future of Roberto Fabelo’s works, just compare the estimated value (Schätzpreis) with the hammer price (Zuschlagspreis). These are the auction prices a few years ago. It was just a start of an exponential increase of value.

As you well know, auction results can be higher than estimated prices due to competition, emotional attachment, perceived value, limited supply, and market conditions. Roberto Fabelo has it all. Only the sky is the limit.

Just to give you an idea:

Auction Roberto Fabelo Christie's
Auction Roberto Fabelo @ Christie’s

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There are be several reasons why Roberto Fabelo’s artworks have increased in price at auction results.

Firstly, he as an artist became more well-known and respected, the demand for his artworks increased. This led to higher prices at auctions as collectors are willing to pay more to own a piece by a popular artist like Fabelo.

Secondly, the scarcity of his works also contributed to the increase in price. Some collectors bought between 50 to 100 of Fabelo’s artworks. And, as they are not mass-produced, there is limited availability of his pieces. He is only one man and all he does is create originals. This created a situation where the supply of his artworks cannot keep up with the demand, leading to higher prices.

Thirdly, the quality of Fabelo’s works is also a factor in the increased prices. Fabelo’s unique style and use of imagery have garnered critical acclaim and respect in the art world. As such, collectors are willing to pay a premium for his works due to their perceived quality and uniqueness.