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Influential personalities have made substantial investments in the art sphere.

Public auctions, while providing a glimpse into this dynamic realm, often involve anonymous transactions or dealings among private parties, revealing only a fraction of the overall market activity.

Hermann Dittrich in Gallery

We serve as representatives for multiple galleries and art dealers and are mandates of private owners, offering a curated selection of over 2000 fine original artworks.

Our collection encompasses impressionist-inspired paintings, bronze sculptures, works by Cuban, French, American, and Russian masters.

Dive into a captivating array of coveted artworks awaiting your discovery. Explore the diverse collection below and find your next prized addition to elevate your collection to new heights.

Fine works of art – names you will recognize –

which we have for private sale

Roberto Fabelo: Cuban painter and sculptor known for surreal, fantastical works often featuring animals.

Pablo Picasso: Spanish modernist, co-founder of Cubism, renowned for diverse styles and contributions to 20th-century art.

Tamara de Lempicka: Polish Art Deco painter, known for her glamorous, stylized portraits of the 1920s.

Antonio Bandeira: Brazilian abstract expressionist painter known for vibrant colors and dynamic compositions.

Antonio Bandeira
Antonio Bandeira

Wassily Kandinsky: Russian pioneer of abstract art, blending form and color in innovative ways.

Otto Dix: German painter associated with Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity), depicting the harsh realities of war and society.

Ivan Kljun: Russian Avant-Garde painter, sculptor, and art theorist associated with the Suprematist movement.

Kazimir Malevich:
(Kazimir Severinovich Malevich)
Russian avant-garde artist, founder of Suprematism, known for geometric abstract paintings.

And as our office is located in the Caribbean you will also be interested in a Caribbean (Cuban) painter and sculptor: Roberto Fabelo and probably also in a Dominican painter: Juan Bravo.

Roberto Fabelo

“His images contain references to Dante’s The Divine Comedy, the magical realism of García Márquez, a touch of Bosch, the line drawing of the Dutch and Flemish masters, and the soul of Rembrandt.”

Stuart A Ashman
President and Executive Director of the Museum of Latin American Art, MOLAA

Roberto Fabelo
Roberto Fabelo

mañana madrugada
Roberto Fabelo – De madrugada al Rocío” (2009
Roberto fabelo

Roberto Fabelo, is known for his unique style that blends reality with fantasy, often depicting fantastical creatures, anthropomorphic animals, and human figures in his works. His art is rich in symbolism and allegorical storytelling, drawing comparisons to artists like Goya for his intricate and thought-provoking pieces.

Fabelo challenges traditional gender roles by portraying female figures dominating masculine symbols like the rooster, exploring themes of power, gender, and societal expectations.

Read more about it on our blog.

Animalia” by Roberto Fabelo

Cuban painter and sculptor known for surreal, fantastical works often featuring animals.

This and other works are for sale.

"Animalia" Roberto Fabelo

Juan Bravo

Juan Bravo, an artist soaring high in the realm of creativity, favors expansive canvases to articulate his artistic vision. Embracing drawing as his primary mode of expression, Bravo, as noted by critic Amable López Meléndez, infuses his work with a profound sense of purpose.

José Antonio Pérez Ruiz, esteemed Puerto Rican art analyst and president of AICA, lauds Bravo’s exhibitions as a showcase of technical prowess intertwined with a unique interpretation of reality.

We also
specialize in

Russian Masters

Although Russia is not a political favorite these days, we offer works from Russian artists. We feel that Russian artists should not be made to pay the price for the senseless war in Ukraine.

Don’t forget, Russia is still the country of the country of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Goncharov, Gogol.

Therefore, also famous works of the artists of the Russian avant-garde like

Wassily Kandinsky

Kasimir Malevich

Ivan Klyun

are still a valuable investment which we have for private sale as the mandates of the owners. These works are available in Western Europe without any restrictions.

Our contacts to the owners of these exclusive works are direct and sales are discrete.

As you are well aware, many Russian painters of the Soviet era clashed with the political system primarily due to the imposition of Socialist Realism as the official artistic style during the Soviet era. But up to this day, the traditional Russian art centers are considered some of the world’s most important schools of thought. Through generations, artists and artists’ ideas of teachers have been passed on to students. To this day, masters in Russia produce outstanding works in technical perfection and with love for the subject.

We have direct access to works of art inspired by The Leningrad School of Painting as well as the Moskow School of PaintingSee our blog about this subject.

Do you recognize any of these names?

We represent a US gallery that has these and other works for sale.

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