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Roberto Fabelo

Roberto Fabelo – Who is he?

Roberto Fabelo, born on January 28, 1950, in Guáimaro, Cuba, discovered his love for drawing during his childhood in his hometown. He would often sketch on random pieces of paper, and his passion for drawing, which he refers to as “graphomania,” was ignited. Over time, what began as a simple pastime turned into a consuming vice, as Fabelo found solace in letting his imagination flow on paper using various artistic mediums such as pencil, charcoal, and ink. His sketches became a reflection of his creative expression and artistic talent.

Roberto Fabelo, ‘Untitled’, 1978, Silkscreen

Who would have thought that Roberto Fabelo became a multi-talented artist who works as a painter, draftsman, and sculptor. He completed his education at the National School of Art in 1972 and the Superior Institute of Art in 1981, both located in Havana, Cuba. His extensive body of work has been exhibited in numerous venues across Cuba and abroad, including the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, the Latin Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden, and the University Museum of Chopo and the Modern Art Museum, both in Mexico.

Roberto Fabelo Viaje
Roberto Fabelo – Viaje Fantastico

Fabelo’s art has been recognized with numerous awards and distinctions, including the Acquisition Prize at the 4th Triennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art in India (1978), the Armando Reverón International Drawing Award at the 1st Havana Biennial (1984), and the First Prize at the Latin American Watercolor Biennial in Viña del Mar, Chile (1996). He was also awarded the National Visual Arts Award in 2004 for his lifetime contributions to the arts, presented by the Cuban Ministry of Culture. In addition, Fabelo’s work has been showcased at several galleries and events, such as the Nordjylland-Bank in Aalborg, Denmark, the Hispanic Center in Athens, Greece, and the Arco International Fair in Madrid, Spain.

Roberto Fabelo’s journey through the world of art is nothing short of exhilarating! In 2007, he beautifully illustrated Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece “Cien años de soledad.” Fast forward to May 8, 2017, where the grandeur of Fabelo’s work graced the halls of the Vatican’s Palace of the Secretariat of State—a true testament to his global impact.

In 2018, the Kennedy Center in Washington welcomed Fabelo’s brilliance as part of the “Artes de Cuba” exhibition, showcasing his monumental installation, “Historia permanente.” The following year, Fabelo mesmerized audiences again with “Sobrevivientes,” featuring life-sized rhinos adorned with symbolic ribbons, evoking profound messages of nature and survival.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! In February 2023, Madrid witnessed the spectacular “MUNDOS: GOYA Y FABELO” exhibition, drawing parallels between Fabelo and the legendary Francisco de Goya. Simultaneously, Fabelo paid homage to Franz Kafka’s iconic work, “The Metamorphosis,” with his captivating sculptures of giant cockroaches bearing human faces.

And let’s not forget Saragossa’s Plaza del Pilar in August 2023, where Fabelo’s vibrant series “Sobrevivientes” took center stage, showcasing life-sized rhino sculptures in a dazzling array of colors. With each exhibition, Fabelo captivates audiences worldwide, weaving together art, symbolism, and storytelling in a truly enchanting way.

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