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Ivan Klyun

Ivan Vailyevich Klyun (Klyunkov) was a painter, sculptor, teacher, art theorist. One of the faithful followers of Kazimir Malevich. Ivan Klyun epitomized resilience and innovation. Despite his origins as a bookkeeper, his passion for painting drove him to artistic greatness. From early influences like symbolism to groundbreaking movements like Suprematism, Klyun fearlessly explored various styles. His Suprematist works, marked by dynamic compositions, remain iconic, showcasing his mastery of form and color. Not only was he a trailblazer in art, but Klyun also revolutionized art education, shaping the minds of future Soviet artists. Despite facing adversity under Stalinist rule, Klyun persisted, leaving behind a profound legacy that continues to inspire artists worldwide.

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Here is one of his early works we have for sale as mandates of the owner.

Ivan Klyun - Female Portrait
Ivan Klyun – Female Portrait – 1909-1910

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