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Ivan Klyun

Ivan Klyun – Who was he?

Imagine a bookkeeper with a secret passion – painting. That was Ivan Klyun (Ivan Vasilyevich Klyun – Klyunkov) , a talented Russian artist who wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but with a paintbrush in his soul. He honed his skills while balancing numbers, later studying with big names like Fyodor Rerberg. Klyun dabbled in different styles, from early influences like symbolism and Art Nouveau to the more geometric Cubism. But it was Suprematism, the movement that broke the mold with bold shapes and colors, that truly captured his imagination. He even joined forces with the movement’s founder, Kazimir Malevich, becoming a key player in the Suprematist world. Klyun’s journey didn’t stop there, though. He experimented with new techniques, even venturing into “spherical nonobjective” compositions. Though his later work in Purism didn’t quite reach the heights of his earlier pieces, Klyun’s legacy remains strong, a testament to his ever-evolving artistic spirit.

Klyun’s Suprematist works were unique for their dynamic compositions and incorporation of architectural elements. He often used circles, squares, and diagonal lines to create a sense of movement and tension. Some of his most notable Suprematist pieces include “Composition with White Lines” (1916) and “Spherical Suprematism” (1920).

Beyond Suprematism, Klyun made significant contributions to the development of art education in the Soviet Union. As a professor at VKhUTEMAS, he developed innovative teaching methods that emphasized color theory and spatial composition. These methods influenced generations of Soviet artists and continue to be relevant today.

Despite his achievements, Klyun faced challenges during the Stalinist era. The official art ideology favored socialist realism, which clashed with Klyun’s abstract style. He was forced to work on more traditional projects and faced criticism for his “formalist” tendencies. Yet, even during this difficult period, Klyun continued to explore new artistic possibilities, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to his artistic vision.

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